Feeling Good this Morning!


Hi Guys!

Welcome to My very own Blog!

When there is so much happening in life and there’s no much space in my little brain to remember it all.. what other way than to blog it down!

Of course, I’m new to it.. expect myself to be goofy.. but I’m sure it’ll be worth it by the end.. 🙂

It didn’t take me too long to decide I want to start a blog, but yes, choosing an apt blog name is a task.. every blog name I thought of was taken already! It took me a whole day.. finally deciding on @thesilenthummer which really is so me you know! Maybe I should’ve known earlier.. 

So this is definitely just a start.. and I must say getting down to this leaves me with “Feeling Good this morning”.

Do let me know how are you feeling today? Anything fun and exciting? Anything to look forward to?

Also, please give me tips on good blogging.. appreciated in advance.. have a good one mates!

Yours truly,



7 thoughts on “Feeling Good this Morning!

  1. Thank you ODDY89.
    I’m pretty new to blogging, still figuring things out. I will definitely post more stuff as long as there’s something to inspire me.. 🙂 In the meantime, let me know which post you enjoyed reading.
    Good Luck with your Blog!


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