Wake me up when September ends!

I Proudly present my very own special Coffee!

I Proudly present my very own special Coffee!

Hello All,

Yay! So we’ve come in to September today.. and it’s been pouring like crazzzzzy! Mumbai rains are beautiful provided you stay indoors.. Don’t you think? Of course when I was a kid.. I loved playing out in the rains.. those new raincoats.. leaving early from school.. those unexpected holidays.. Simply awesome!
Now however, being an adult.. things are a bit different. Even if it’s the train that’s delayed.. or even If I know I will reach about just 10 mins late, I have to call up the office and mention it.. The worst feeling really is when everyone around you somehow manages to get to work on time on such a day and end up giving you the stares! But no , this isn’t good enough to spoil my day.. right? *Staying calm is my mantra*

Arr.. talking about the weather.. it’s dull and gloomy and beautiful… But sitting at my office desk, it’s not really possible to stay focused at work. It’ll be like insulting the weather, not good no? 😉
Besides taking my focus and concentration to some other planet, this weather also makes me really cozy and lazy..
At such times, I jump out of my seat and go make some good coffee! I proudly admit here, I do make some real good coffee.. Take a look up there! 🙂

Go Ahead and tell me how do you stay focused on days like these? It’s quite a toughie I’m sure! :-*

Yours Truly,
The Silent Hummer


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