I will survive


Quit FB
Facebook, a boon or bane.
I’m certain this debate has occurred over a hundred times.
Whenever I met someone in the past who didn’t have an FB account, I would think they don’t have a life. It was the cool thing then. I would go out explaining to these people how they missed being connected to their near and dear ones all over, and everything. And yes, I’m sure to an extent that was true. However not any more, there are better ways today.
Fb now is nothing more than a self promotion. Nothing more than a personal diary meant for the world to read. Eating popcorn? Watching a movie? Cheating on your gf? Checked in at the newest restaurant in town? Bought a new dog? Clicked a cute selfie? There’s this constant urge to update it on Facebook. And no, it’s not because you want the event to be remembered, it’s just a habit. It’s more like in your head you think you’re a star and your fans out there need to know the latest happenings! But really, truth be told, they don’t care. Of course, you will get likes and comments.. but do these things really matter that much?? Sadly, to a lot of people, they do.

I’m no great myself. I’ve been an addict until recently.One may assume something drastic must have happened to quit fb. Honestly nothing dramatic happened. It was just a spontaneous decision, a good one for me. It’s funny what even got me to do it. It was actually a friend( really, only friend- don’t over read), who I used to chat with often, suddenly got busy or did the ignore thing. I let go a few times thinking people can be busy and there’s no compulsion to reply immediately. But as time went I started getting anxious. Especially when I saw the person online, when I saw random posts..and things like that. Also, by default on signing in, It would remind me of it by showing me the minutes ago of the person being online ,these things would disappoint me. That’s when I decided I don’t need to torture myself anymore and should try the out of sight out of mind technique. Funny thing is , on quitting, the next day itself I got a what’s app msg from the person asking why can’t my profile be found 😀 It was a moment of sweet revenge for me, but I let go and gave some random reason. I somewhere think the reason was already known. Anyway things got back to normal between us, that was that. All’s well now. But the best thing that came out of this is I realized there is life beyond FB or any of these social networking sites for that matter.

Now when I’m meeting my girlies, or attending a Birthday I know I’m enjoying myself because I want to and not to show anyone anything. I don’t have to deal with friends asking me to upload the pics I’ve clicked or with that awkward moment when you don’t know whether to accept a friend request or not. In fact now when I see people posing in a hundred ways,I find it stupid. Also Thank heavens, no more game invites!!! Plus I know the people who actually want to stay in touch, those who actually remember my Birthday without FB reminders.
I’m not suggesting that everyone join the band wagon immediately, but I definitely suggest giving life without this online addiction a try.
It’s only been a month and a half for me off fb, and so far the experience has been pretty good. I can always get back if I need to because I chose it as a temporary option. And I know one thing for sure, If tomorrow facebook shuts down for whatever reason, I know I will survive. 🙂

Yours Truly,


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