The Candy Shop


Please Do not judge me by the title, I only used it because I’ve got this thing for titling each post with a part of a song!

The weekend has come and gone. Who’ll say by the end of this week we’ll be done with the second month of 2015? *Sigh* Anyway moving on.. I have relatives in town (young ones) so the weekend was pretty good 😉

After the lazy Saturday morning keeping me busy with a few house errands, Lunch was a big feast in a way. Atleast that’s what it felt like for small eaters like my sister and me. So my newly married cousin who’s based in Goa came to Mumbai for a week. Lunch plan was to go out with the couple. Since we hardly meet often, there was definitely a lot of catching up to do. His wife suggested we go to the famous Candies at Pali Hill, Bandra.



As always Candies never disappoints, there’s something about the food and ambience that makes you very comfortable. It’s after quite a while that I re-visited this hang out and I must say, it’s completely the same. Food was fresh, rich and appetising, service was the same old – slow, but sure, there was a lot of crowd, especially college going crowd there so – they’re forgiven, hmm the room of lamps still looked beautiful with the lamps and it’s age old furnishing. Oh and there was absolutely no time limit as to how long we chilled there. We stepped in at 1:30pm, relished our salads, hotdogs, lasagnias, pastas and beverages. After being completely stuffed we still made space for some Rich Chocolate cake but it was only to continue sitting for a little while more. If given a chance, we would have waited for longer but we had stuff to do so we decided to finally leave at 5:30pm!

Some rich and cheesy food

Some rich and cheesy food

At the room of Lamps

At the room of Lamps

The Rich chocolate cake

The Rich chocolate cake

This pretty little thing accompanied a beverage

This pretty little thing accompanied a beverage

On my way out, I took a few pics of this tile work that you hardly find around anymore.. they’re beautiful, aren’t they?

Tile art

Some beautiful tile work found around the walls

Another tile art

Another Tile Art

On a heavy stomach it was only apt to do some walking, what better way than walk to hill road? 🙂 We headed to Cheap Jack and picked up some party stuff, and I even found these cute erasers that I just had to take a pic of, they seemed perfect for my blog 🙂

Musical note erasers

Such cute erasers!

We being 3 girls, even managed to do some street shopping which was definitely not a part of the plan *Guilty- Not*

Yours Truly,

All we need is Radio Gaga


I played a Radio contest from the train.

If my blog is called the silent hummer, it’s definitely got something to do with my love for music. When I’m travelling to and from work I generally have my earphones (the B’day gift one) plugged on and I enjoy listening to my set playlist which include a lot of English classics. Off late, I switch on the FM. Especially these days considering I’m no longer on facebook and rarely make time for the newspapers and news channels, FM comes to my rescue. It keeps me updated with the lastest happenings, both gossip and otherwise.

So yesterday, as I was on my way home from work, switching across FM channels in the hope of listening to some Hindi masala songs, I stopped at 91.1- Radio City and heard the RJ give out the radio station contact number to anyone interested in playing a fun contest. The contest seemed pretty simple and doable, and the competitor in me immediately dialled the number to participate. The line was obviously busy, but on my last try I got through.
The contest was such: For 40 seconds the RJ would ask me questions to which I had to answer to the point with regular talking speed, but I had to make sure I don’t say “Ha, Na and Nahin” in any way. P.S: Radio City is a Hindi Radio Station. Very easy right?? No!

As he tried to trap me with his questions, I confidently managed to get away with 4-5 questions by answering him without using the forbidden words. And then came the question “Basic Instinct movie dekhi aapne?” and in a haste I replied, “Yaad nahin aa raha hai”!! Boom! I said “Nahin” in a sentence, within 40 seconds and it got me out!

None the less, it was a fun contest. The RJ, Rohit Vir was sweet on the call too. Infact I enjoyed the conversation with him before the contest as well. Here’s why, On getting connected with him, he asked me where I was at that moment. As soon as he heard me say I’m in a super packed Fast train from Bandra to Dadar standing at the edge, he almost hung up on me saying I need to focus on the crowd and not on the game!! He even promised to call the next day (today) and play the same contest 🙂 It was really kind of him, but I somehow managed to convince him to stay on the call until I got off at Dadar (which is just 3-4 mins away) and then play. He even made me promise I wouldn’t ever hang off a train and talk to someone on the phone like that. Ofcourse I agreed. Haha. I’m sure the ladies around me in the compartment wondered what kind of a wierdo I was continously asking someone to not start the game. 😀
Oh also, When my game was over, I wanted to hear the recorded version on radio which would happen 5 mins after a song being played. It was just around that time I met a school classmate. I thought it would be mean of me to still listen to my music while in the presence of someone I know, so I told her about the contest I just played and suggested we could listen to it together. So what if I lost? Big deal. She didn’t have her earphones, so I just hopped onto the seat near her, shared my earphones and we kept giggling away in the train as we heard the game.
So yea, that’s my Bizzare radio- train story.
The Fun RJ was Rohit Vir, his facebook page is here. And not forgetting my awesome earphones:

earphones you can buy them from here.

Would love to know some other bizzare stories 🙂

Yours Truly,

Dark Horse Art Festival 2015


Jute Camel

The one event I’ve been attending every year since college is the Kala Ghoda Art Festival. This year too, it was no different. It was a Saturday, the second last day of the festival, PLUS Valentines’ Day. In short it was super packed! Check out the crowd.


My trip to the KGAF 2015 was never planned to be a Valentine day outing, t’was simply mere co- incidence. Bigger co- incidence? I wore a red shirt, that I’ve never worn ever!! It’s not like I’m anti- valentine, it’s just if I had realized, I would’ve chosen something else.

Me at KGF

On getting out of the cab, as we stood at the entrance, looking at the crowd we were in two minds whether we should get in or not. But we realized that the security check was just a formality and the lines were moving real quick. Rightly, I didn’t even have to open the zip of my bag at the security check point and I got in.
Despite the afternoon heat, the place was bursting with color and energy. There were the young and the old. College going youngsters, little boys and girls with their parents, even elderly couples were around. The stalls were packed, we attempted looking at the stuff in a few stalls initially but with the crowd it was tough, both for us as well as the stall keepers. We decided we’ll be happy just watching the art.
It’s amazing how every year they have magnificent themes and art installations, that too with very loud and clear social messages.
One of my favorites this year was the Big tap placed above a bigger bucket. As you looked into the bucket, there was a video on Saving Water. There were others too, see the pics.

Big tap

Wheels Art


A round of the entire place took us nothing more than an hour or a little more, considering we didn’t stop at too many stalls, just a few dozen pics you know.

Even outside the main venue, there were a lot of sellers with innovative and interesting things, right from posters, to junk jewellery, to floral hairbands, toys, musical flutes and what not. Getting a cab with all this hustle and bustle wasn’t possible no matter how tired we were, so we figured it was best to walk to CST Station and move accordingly from there.


Junk Jewellery

Floral Hairband

Life outside Kala Ghoda

Nolasco who loves photography, would never miss a chance to click this monumental building no matter how often he’s here, and this is what he captured.

CST monument

Over all, it was a great outing with friends, except wrong time of the day chosen. Lesson learnt.

Photo credits: Nolasco Alphonso

If you like his photography, write him a line here.

Yours Truly,

Friday Night and the lights are low


Dressing up for the day and night I am humming the ABBA song- Dancing Queen in my head (and sometimes a little loud- Whoopsie). It’s Friday! It’s Valentine week! That’s enough of reason to celebrate I guess, especially for a young corporate woman!
This week has been crazy, both at work and otherwise. After office hours, I’ve been meeting with long lost friends, attending my regular choir practice on Tuesday, attending relatives’ B’days in the far off suburbs, meeting some friends with their office friends, even made some time for the ongoing Kala ghoda fest but hurried out in half an hour.. my point being it’s just been a busy busy week. Instead of letting myself be completely drained out as we reach the weekend, I decided I’ll do it differently.
So here I am, ready to party this evening as I’ll be meeting a colleague from my previous workplace after alomst 4 years! We’re heading to Elbo Room in Bandra. I’ve only heard of this place, but have never been to it, so I’m a little excited about it. Since I’ll be going there directly after work, I had to wreck my head and closet to know what exactly to wear. Initially I thought of carrying a pair of clothes to change from the regular corporate wear but then I decided I might as well just wear something that looks decent for work and the evening. I managed to put this together, take a look. Full pic To break the black and white monochromatic look, I added the bold red to my lips. I own a this brick red shade, but I think this is also a very good choice. Brick red lipstick Also I’m not much into accessorizing, in fact on a regular day you will see me with simple pearls or a fine chain around my neck, and just a watch. However today, I put on one of my favourite necklaces which I hardly ever get to wear, check it out. And don’t miss my mom’s black rose ring. Close up with accessories I’m sure I’ll have a great evening, Wishing you all have a great Valentine weekend. It doesn’t matter whether I’m a V’tine day fan or not 🙂 In the meantime that’s me getting back to to work. At work, on call Yours Truly,

A New Day has come


Group pic Turning 25, with it’s surprises.

Let’s get it straight 2014 was the WORST year of my life! Amongst other little things, the biggest jolt was losing my daddy dearest.

The idea of turning 25 would have been super exciting for me, after all it’s a silver jubilee by itself right? But it was different for me. The 24th Birthday celebrations still seemed so fresh in my head, I could remember the new wall paper put at home, the aroma of the tandoori chicken my dad prepared, the fake funny smile he gave when I told him to pose, the tightttt hug when he wished me, how he sat with the guests and chatted away about their times.. this time without dad, I didn’t feel like celebrating at all. So much so that often when my friends asked me what my plans were, it was only then that it would strike me my Birthday was approaching and then I would forget again. On any other Birthday I would stay awake excitedly awaiting calls at sharp 12. This time I fell asleep at 11:45pm! I had decided instead of taking the day off, I would attend work as any other day, nothing fancy at all.

Just one thing slipped off my mind, that I had awesome friends and loved ones!

Surprise 1. As I said I fell asleep at 11:45pm, spoke in my sleep when people called at 12am (I don’t even remember who all), and at 12:15, my doorbell was rung!! So in my night clothes and night hair, unprepared for any surprise I had 2 of my closest friends- Nolasco and Joyson there, with food, pastries, gifts and cameras!
Must admit cutting pastries with close friends is much more fun than a big cake! They did bring some excitement in me and then left me to my 6 hours of sleep before work.


Night clothes, Night Hair and New ear phones!

My dear co- worker T was off that day so it was just my manager and me. Thankfully no one much knew or realised so it was pretty much a regular day in office. My manager thought cake is over rated so he got me pizza from CPK to cut 🙂 I couldn’t ask for more.

Surprise 2. Darling T at work was actually off for the day,but she made it a point to make my day special, as she surprised me by dropping in for just 10 mins, along with a card, cupcake, and chocolate! Isn’t that cute?

Surprise 3. Now that I had two of those close friends visit me at night, with them wishing me a good start to my year ahead, I thought that was that. Turns out, it wasn’t. Nolasco who I’ve been coaxing for 4 years to come visit my office sometime ,maybe catch an early dinner after work around here, never did. So imagine, I was almost done at work and packing up and then I got a call from the security saying some guy called Nolasco has come to meet me!!! 😀 It was a little unexpected! It felt so wonderful. Not that we don’t meet often, not that we were going anywhere or had plans, it was just the thought in his head to bring a big smile on my face. We took the sky walk from BKC to the station, caught our trains and headed towards my home as I decided maybe I could do dinner with a few close ones.

Surprise 4. It was a day of enough surprises. Or so I thought. I went home with Nolasco, my sister Rita was around. Hardly I entered the house, I heard a group of mad youngsters (the rest of my gang- Karen, Joyson, Tabu, Ryan) yell SURPRISE- HAPPY BIRTHDAY! as they stood at the door, their hands full of cake, balloons and bags of gifts!!! It was the biggest surprise for me ever! Especially since I didn’t have anything for this day in mind. How they planned it, when they did it, I don’t know how but it was really awesome! Balloons

BR cake

Ice cream cake From Baskin Robbins

ready to cut the cake. jpg The gifts received were : Mi In-ear Headphone(Piston Design), An Esbeda bag, a clutch, another navy blue office bag and a very novel Ice cream Birthday cake from BR. This surprise-filled day ended with a mughlai dinner out. That’s the least I could have done for these amazing bunch of people. And I’m sure my dad was around with a big broad smile, blessing me :-*

Mughlai dinner

Felt so darbar like at the Mughlai joint

Esbeda bag and matching clutch

Note: The ear phones are awesome for gifting, You may get them here

Hope you enjoyed reading the post!

Yours truly,