All we need is Radio Gaga


I played a Radio contest from the train.

If my blog is called the silent hummer, it’s definitely got something to do with my love for music. When I’m travelling to and from work I generally have my earphones (the B’day gift one) plugged on and I enjoy listening to my set playlist which include a lot of English classics. Off late, I switch on the FM. Especially these days considering I’m no longer on facebook and rarely make time for the newspapers and news channels, FM comes to my rescue. It keeps me updated with the lastest happenings, both gossip and otherwise.

So yesterday, as I was on my way home from work, switching across FM channels in the hope of listening to some Hindi masala songs, I stopped at 91.1- Radio City and heard the RJ give out the radio station contact number to anyone interested in playing a fun contest. The contest seemed pretty simple and doable, and the competitor in me immediately dialled the number to participate. The line was obviously busy, but on my last try I got through.
The contest was such: For 40 seconds the RJ would ask me questions to which I had to answer to the point with regular talking speed, but I had to make sure I don’t say “Ha, Na and Nahin” in any way. P.S: Radio City is a Hindi Radio Station. Very easy right?? No!

As he tried to trap me with his questions, I confidently managed to get away with 4-5 questions by answering him without using the forbidden words. And then came the question “Basic Instinct movie dekhi aapne?” and in a haste I replied, “Yaad nahin aa raha hai”!! Boom! I said “Nahin” in a sentence, within 40 seconds and it got me out!

None the less, it was a fun contest. The RJ, Rohit Vir was sweet on the call too. Infact I enjoyed the conversation with him before the contest as well. Here’s why, On getting connected with him, he asked me where I was at that moment. As soon as he heard me say I’m in a super packed Fast train from Bandra to Dadar standing at the edge, he almost hung up on me saying I need to focus on the crowd and not on the game!! He even promised to call the next day (today) and play the same contest 🙂 It was really kind of him, but I somehow managed to convince him to stay on the call until I got off at Dadar (which is just 3-4 mins away) and then play. He even made me promise I wouldn’t ever hang off a train and talk to someone on the phone like that. Ofcourse I agreed. Haha. I’m sure the ladies around me in the compartment wondered what kind of a wierdo I was continously asking someone to not start the game. 😀
Oh also, When my game was over, I wanted to hear the recorded version on radio which would happen 5 mins after a song being played. It was just around that time I met a school classmate. I thought it would be mean of me to still listen to my music while in the presence of someone I know, so I told her about the contest I just played and suggested we could listen to it together. So what if I lost? Big deal. She didn’t have her earphones, so I just hopped onto the seat near her, shared my earphones and we kept giggling away in the train as we heard the game.
So yea, that’s my Bizzare radio- train story.
The Fun RJ was Rohit Vir, his facebook page is here. And not forgetting my awesome earphones:

earphones you can buy them from here.

Would love to know some other bizzare stories 🙂

Yours Truly,


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