The Candy Shop


Please Do not judge me by the title, I only used it because I’ve got this thing for titling each post with a part of a song!

The weekend has come and gone. Who’ll say by the end of this week we’ll be done with the second month of 2015? *Sigh* Anyway moving on.. I have relatives in town (young ones) so the weekend was pretty good 😉

After the lazy Saturday morning keeping me busy with a few house errands, Lunch was a big feast in a way. Atleast that’s what it felt like for small eaters like my sister and me. So my newly married cousin who’s based in Goa came to Mumbai for a week. Lunch plan was to go out with the couple. Since we hardly meet often, there was definitely a lot of catching up to do. His wife suggested we go to the famous Candies at Pali Hill, Bandra.



As always Candies never disappoints, there’s something about the food and ambience that makes you very comfortable. It’s after quite a while that I re-visited this hang out and I must say, it’s completely the same. Food was fresh, rich and appetising, service was the same old – slow, but sure, there was a lot of crowd, especially college going crowd there so – they’re forgiven, hmm the room of lamps still looked beautiful with the lamps and it’s age old furnishing. Oh and there was absolutely no time limit as to how long we chilled there. We stepped in at 1:30pm, relished our salads, hotdogs, lasagnias, pastas and beverages. After being completely stuffed we still made space for some Rich Chocolate cake but it was only to continue sitting for a little while more. If given a chance, we would have waited for longer but we had stuff to do so we decided to finally leave at 5:30pm!

Some rich and cheesy food

Some rich and cheesy food

At the room of Lamps

At the room of Lamps

The Rich chocolate cake

The Rich chocolate cake

This pretty little thing accompanied a beverage

This pretty little thing accompanied a beverage

On my way out, I took a few pics of this tile work that you hardly find around anymore.. they’re beautiful, aren’t they?

Tile art

Some beautiful tile work found around the walls

Another tile art

Another Tile Art

On a heavy stomach it was only apt to do some walking, what better way than walk to hill road? 🙂 We headed to Cheap Jack and picked up some party stuff, and I even found these cute erasers that I just had to take a pic of, they seemed perfect for my blog 🙂

Musical note erasers

Such cute erasers!

We being 3 girls, even managed to do some street shopping which was definitely not a part of the plan *Guilty- Not*

Yours Truly,


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