5, 6, 7, 8!


The Silent Hummer Turns one today!

Exactly this day last year I started The Silent Hummer, and I am super thrilled for myself that I actually stuck to blogging. Evidently, it wasn’t just some random phase. I can’t wait for this blog to turn 5,6,7,8! Thank you for all the likes, comments, follows and appreciation. You may also congratulate me in the comment box and show some love.. Haha!

What else I’m excited about in life? Getting to be Bridesmaid once again!! Being a Bridesmaid is so much fun with the dress, shoes, the make up, hair do, the attention you receive etc. There are responsibilities too, but who’s complaining about them?

The first duty assigned to me as a bridesmaid was to shortlist dress patterns from the internet. I thought I’d do a great job considering there are like a million pictures available online. However directly googling pictures and patterns wasn’t worthwhile leading me to nothing but those trite patterns. I knew Pinterest would not disappoint. Let’s say, I wasn’t very pleased with my search, but none the less I managed to shortlist a few patterns. Duty one : ✔

Next I got a text stating we need to go for dress measurements. Not that we’ve selected the pattern but just y’know- measurements. Immediately panic struck! I’ve put on 6 kgs in the last 3-4 months and I don’t want to be a fat bridesmaid. Luckily there are still 4 months to go so I’ve requested for a months’s time to lose a little weight here and there. Kellogs Cornflake diet started. Duty two: ✔

Yesterday was the coolest part so far. Shoes shopping. Yay! The bride already shortlisted a few pairs and we just needed to go with the comfiest. So after I finished work last evening we planned to meet at one of the shoe shops at Bandra and after some major debating on color, pattern, size, what looked lose but felt comfortable against what looked perfect but was uncomfortable, whether to use the half insole or whole, we bought our pairs of shoes. Duty three: ✔

Remembering Cinderella

This reminded me of Cinderella.

Reaching Bandra before the others gave me enough of time to glance, and try on a variety of shoes at the different shops.It’s difficult to not give into temptation and buy some pairs for office wear/ casual wear or whatever occasion. I thought my will power was awesome yesterday. But now on second thoughts I should’ve gotten those flats that were on sale. Anyway..

The post got it's title from here D

Shoe collection 2

Looking at the collection of shoes in all these shops, makes you want to have them all, isn’t it?

Here’s a little thing I’d like to share. While trying on different pairs of shoes, there was this one particular pair I saw and wished was the one we settled for, given the fact that there are going to be long standing hours, some last minute running about, and lots of dancing to be done. Good news? The bride agreed that those were the ones we’d be wearing on her D- Day! I cannot share the image of that pair now obviously, but when the time is right you will get to see them.


Bride and her maid

Vellena, the bride to be! Wishing her love and luck!

Lots of love,

The Silent Hummer
Franchua D’Souza

8 thoughts on “5, 6, 7, 8!

    • Wow, you must be a regular at these shoe shops then 🙂 They all look the same to me, Soooo many shoes everywhere!
      And thank you for your wishes. I’m sure you will make it too. Just stick around and enjoy what you blog about.


    • Haha.. Let me attempt this on behalf of the women.
      1st is – comfort. We need comfy flat shoes on days that we’re running chores.
      2nd is- Party shoes- If we’re spending so much on our clothes, make up, hair, why ruin the look with ugly shoes! I’ve heard shoes are the first give away to a person’s personality.
      3rd is- Wedges are a must. These are for days where you have to look tall and elite and yet be comfortable.
      4th is- casual loafers. they just look casual and sporty, can be worn on jeans and trousers.
      5th is- sport shoes. On days we feel we need some exercise or are going to cheer for our boyfriends playing some sport!
      6th is- Stilettos- just for the look/ show. They’re not practical at all. we all know. But they look awesome!
      7th is- For a family or close friend’s wedding, you’ve just got a reason to buy new shoes. They will always comes in handy.
      8th is- Dancing shoes. Taking off our shoes somewhere mid-party doesn’t suit all of us.
      9th is- We need that other color. Remember that green dress? Black shoes won’t give it the look as beige y’know.
      and 10th!- Some people ask us what we want as gifts, instead of just gifting us stuff we’re not interested in, so why not shoes!!!
      😀 😀 😀

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