I need more of you


Hello Everyone,

Yes I actually need more of you. I need to reach out to a larger audience now that it’s been a year blogging and I’ve achieved over 100 of you as followers from WordPress. Now I feel more confident about doing this and I’d really want for this blog to grow. In no way does that mean I’m going to compromise on my style/ quality of blogging. If anything, I’d love to improve like so many of you. I will one hundred percent stay truthful to my blogging. No brand/ PR company can change that.
I’d already hopped on to the Twitter and Instagram bandwagon recently, and now the latest is Bloglovin. Follow Me.

I'm now on Bloglovin

Let’s see where it goes from here. Hope all of you continue to be an active part of this experience. Would love if you’d follow me on these social sites. Honestly it’s like treading new waters for me.

Do share with me blogging tips to increase my readership. Or in case you’re on either of these sites, let’s connect. Thanks in advance.

Lots of Love,

The Silent Hummer,
Franchua D’Souza

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18 thoughts on “I need more of you

    • Hey Jenny! Thank you so much. I’m soo close to 200 followers now, I can’t wait! Oh and it should be very simple finding out your start date, just scroll right through to your first post ever 🙂 WordPress will send you a Congratulatory notification too! Please add me on Twitter and insta cuz it’s there that I post daily..
      Good luck with blogging, it’s great fun.

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  1. I love the way you have your blog set up and how you’re constantly posting already on your way to getting even more followers! New follower here and a new blogger as well, If you could follow my blog that would mean so much!!

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  2. stringapprovedthrifts

    Good job, I recently start blogging myself and I need more followers also. I have a thrift blog, and followers and support promotes confidence. Keep up the good work!!!!! Congrats on 100 followers!!


    • Ah! Thank you. And you know what just yesterday, I crossed 200 followers. It was only a month back that I was rejoicing with 100! I’m so thrilled, really.
      Thanks for stopping by and I absolutely agree with that you said. Happy blogging to you, followers will find their way 🙂


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