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It’s summer here in India and it gets crazy hot during the day. I remember how last year it was impossible to shoot this post without perspiring which was a total put-off .

Summer or not, during the week I prefer wearing tops and dresses with sleeves to work, sometimes saving the sleeveless formal tops for Fridays. While at home, you will find me chilling in the shortest pair of cotton shorts and a tee or a super comfy loose shirt that lets me breathe. I happily borrow clothes from my mom’s closet sometimes just because they’re lose and comfy! She doesn’t mind.

Over the weekend while stepping out to visit a friend, I decided to go the simple yet chic way of wearing a tank top and jeans. Something I could lounge in for hours on end. What was meant to be just a visit to a friend’s place ended up being a photo shoot for this post. I loved the fact that the green tank top matched the environment around me, maybe even camouflaging with the grass and trees in some pics (Hence the post title).


There really were a lot of pictures, but I’ll share just these for now. I’m sure the rest will see the light of day on the blog soon too.

Lost in thought

Pushing boundaries


Wind in my hair



One thing I’ve come to realize about shooting pictures for my blog is, it’s very important to share a great rapport with your photographer as it let’s you just be yourself, totally natural and candid. There are some blogs I’ve seen online, where it’s easy to tell that the model/ blogger is not at ease as yet with the photographer. You don’t want your blog/ pictures to come across like that. It’s best you find someone you can be comfortable with and then go clickity-click!

OOTD Details:

Green Tank top: Mom’s closet (I said she doesn’t mind)
Denims: Tokyo Talkies
Orange Ballerinas: Zovi
Watch: Gift
Hairband: Hill Road, Bandra

Summer staples. jpg

How are you coping up with the weather out there? What is your go-to for summer? Any blogger/ photography tips?
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Photography: Nolasco Alphonso

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The Silent Hummer.
Franchua D’Souza

Sharp Dressed Man


It’s such a pleasure to be contacted by someone who’s interested in contributing to your blog. Here below is a guest post by Gayathry Pillai from CouponRani, and she’s put up an interesting article on Beauty essentials for men. This is the first guest post on the blog, so would appreciate some encouragement.

10 Must Have Beauty Essentials For Men During Winter

We have seen a lot of articles and write-ups related to beauty tips and winter care solutions for women. But, does it mean that only women are concerned about their skin and beauty always? It is never so. Even men must take needed precautions to keep their skin soft and moist during winter.

Nowadays we see a lot of products that come specifically for men. It denotes the fact that even men are now very much bothered about the beauty and wellness of their skin. Rough and scaly skin, chapped lips, dry skin, etc. are the difficulties which are also faced by men during the winter season. Certain products should be used by men to keep their skin look and feel healthy during the winter season. Check out ten must have beauty essentials for men during winter…


Cleanser makes your skin pure and free from all the impurities. If you know it right, exposure of your skin to heat and dust close your pores, and all the impurities get locked inside your skin damaging it. So it is essential to open them and clean. A good cleanser will help you to get over these impurities locked inside the skin. Buy branded cleansers at low prices online from stores like Amazon.

Amazon india

Exfoliating Face Wash

Even men have blackheads and whiteheads that make their skin look dull. They too face difficulties with dry skin and blemishes. Any exfoliating face wash will help to get rid of these stains. Use them twice daily for best results. Remember men are more exposed to the sun than women and so they have more blemishes on their skin which look them tanned as well.


Moisturizer is yet another beauty essential that is needed to make the skin soft and supple during the winters. The climate is too hungry for some adequate nourishment for your body and skin. Apply loads of moisturizer on your skin so that it gets the needed moisture it needs. The climate demands it.

Lip Balm

Even men face problems with their lips during the winter. Men do get chapped lips when the climate is cold and unfavorable. Lip balms should be used to keep lips look healthy and to keep it soft and supple. Chapped lips do not look good either for men nor women. Buy lip balms from Snapdeal at a very affordable rate.


Hair Gel/Lotion

Hair Gel/Lotion is equally essential especially during the winter season to make your hair stay manageable and attractive. Hair is likely to go frizzy and rough during the winter season. So, it is good to use any hair gel or lotion to make it look attractive and shiny even during the adverse climate.

Body Lotion

The body lotion is again an important beauty essential when it comes to skin and body care during the winter season. It has those basic ingredients that are needed to make your body and skin nourished. Men too have issues with their skin during winter and need to pamper their skin.


Winter does not make you sweat as frequently as you normally do. Perspiration is very less, but it is important to use the perfect perfume/deos even then as it pops out your personality trait among others. So, make sure that you use only such perfumes/deos that will sustain till the end of the day making you lively and impressive. Buy men’s perfumes and does at reasonable rates online from stores like Flipkart.


After Shave Cream/Lotion

These things are needed by them more often than anything else. It prevents their skin from itching and from getting scars. Applying after shave cream or lotion helps from getting your skin rough after usage of a razor.

Shampoo + Conditioner

Irrespective of the season, men too needs to pamper their hair by cleaning it with shampoo and conditioner. During winter, the hair is more likely to be frizzy and rough. So wash them with a good shampoo and use conditioner to rinse off the excess oil and dust from the hair, to make it soft and smooth even during the Winter.

Face Cream

Face cream will make men’s skin oil free as well as it will lighten the skin as such. A lot of them are available for various brands. Use the one that suits the skin to get the best results. Use them to make the skin feel good and to prevent from severe drying.


Hope you found this list useful. Just because winter is coming to an end doesn’t mean you don’t follow this. These grooming tips will definitely keep you presentable and hygienic at all times.

This guest post is in association with CouponRani . For such collaborations email me : thesilenthummer@gmail.com

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Green Garden


Valentine’s day is soon approaching and I’m certain there are extremists when it comes to this day of Love. While I’m sure St. Valentine, the man behind whom this day is named, would be glad to see RED everywhere, this year I chose this beautiful emerald green dress from Jabong.

Go Green

It has lace and has a satin belt which makes it look very dainty. I’m not sure if it will make the other lasses go green, but it’ll definitely make heads turn.
Since I couldn’t really wait until Valentines Day to mark it’s debut, I stuttered around in it for a dear friend’s wedding. It got me loads of compliments and considering green is not really considered an evening color, it stood out all the more. The live band present even made me do a little jig and twirl for them, which I happily agreed to.


Photographer and blogger

I’m set for Valentines Day.. and thankfully I do not have issues repeating clothes. Besides my Valentine hasn’t seen it yet so the novelty factor is still intact 😉 Shh..
In case you haven’t picked your V’ day outfit yet, rush to Jabong now!!

Wishing you All A very Happy Valentines this year.. Make this one special.

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Happy in my Blue Heaven


Calgari shift dress from Jabong


Accessorized the dress with a broad Black belt

Working in the Corporate World, I’m extremely used to wearing the standard Corporate colors like Black, White, Grey and Navy Blue. To make 2016 a gleeful year at work for myself, I’ve decided to experiment a little more with brighter shades, yet shades that will be accepted at the workplace.

For me outdoor shopping is truly a task as I do not have the patience to stop around, wait in changing room queues or bargain. Online shopping relieves me of all these woes. Recently while browsing through Jabong , I found this Calgari shift dress which looked smart, elegant and business like at the same time. I did a little reading of the description, made sure it fit my need and then went on to buy it. Here are the basics I usually check while shopping for clothes.

– Product material
– Cost
– Is it machine washable?
– Returns & exchange policy
– Reviews by previous buyers

Only after performing all these checks on this dress did I make a purchase.




Here is my review of the dress and Jabong:

The color- Cobalt Blue looks rich and beautiful. The size is just perfect. As it is a shift dress (and shift dresses usually do not give shape as such), I used a belt to accentuate my waist.
If accessorized correctly, it’s kind of a desk-to-date dress. I’ve tried this dress with a blazer too and it looked formal enough to go to an official meeting.
Although for this post I wore black pumps, the good thing about shift dresses is they can be worn even with flat ballet shoes.

I ordered the dress on the 20th of Jan and the delivery time shown to me was on or before 29th Jan. As I needed the dress much earlier than that, I contacted the customer care and requested them to dispatch it as early as possible so that I could have it at least by the 25th. They promptly made a note of my request and had the dress delivered to me exactly on the 25th. So where delivery and service is concerned, they are fab. The return and exchange policy is note worthy too.


Will I go to Jabong to shop again? Yes Of course!
Will I buy clothing from Calgari? Yes absolutely!

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Photography : Nolasco Alphonso

*This post is a sponsored post, but the review is completely honest*
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Please don’t stop the music


It’s no surprise that I enjoy music. Right from my “About me” page to giving every new post a title using lyrics, it may be very clear. If not all of this, the fact that my blog name is The Silent Hummer should give this fact away! How else can I express it?
Last evening I received my first blogger invitation, a proper formal email invite, to attend a #Blogadda event. An invite I gladly accepted.

“I am blogging to share my experience of the #YSS2 i-genius Young Singing Stars Season II in association with Blogadda.”


Today Max Life insurance’s I-Genius Young Singing Talent (Season 2) had it’s Grand Finale. It was held at Taj Vivanta, Mumbai. The event was scheduled to begin at 11:00am, and the punctuality freak that I am, I made sure to reach on time. After a couple of calls to the organizers, a cup of coffee and introducing myself, I got a seat just behind the judges, In the second row. Psst..I had this little *proud moment dance* in my head when I saw “Reserved” on my seat as those seats were for the media and bloggers..
Blogger Life- wohooo!

There were 5 junior contestants and 5 senior.
Juniors : Kirtana, Chelsy, Tannishtha (Junior category winner), Pranjali & Harmanpreet
Seniors: Arth, Maithili (Senior category winner), Chirag, Chahat & Sonakshi




Tannishtha Puri- Junior category winner


I know in today’s world kids are talented, but I honestly did not expect this level of talent here. However one by one as they took to the stage, they were such a surprise!! All of them were disciplined, not only in behavior but also their singing. In fact, one of the contestants Pranjali not only sang a song well but later revealed she was the composer of her song “Maayere” too. Truly one better than the other. I’m sure their gurus and parents are extremely proud of them.



Maithili Thakur- Senior category winner


It’s easy to say the judges Salim Merchant, Shraddha Sharma & Devraj Sanyal had such a lovely time judging this finale. Their smiles, the foot tapping, the recording on their phones said it all. Shraddha sang beautifully for the audience and when Salim went on stage, his very voice took over the mood there! He sang his popular songs like “Khudaya Ve” , ” Ishqwala Love” and the audience enjoyed every bit of it!



The Jury and the winners

Also, as I mentioned earlier, I had reached the venue on time and saw Salim Merchant rehearsing with the band. During his little break I got him to pose with me for a pic, here check this! Reward for punctuality!

P1010290 (2)

Thank you @Blogadda for this wonderful experience. It’s obvious I enjoyed myself and had a great day!

You may check the i-genius website to know about the wonderful things they do.

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Soon it will be Christmas Day


Posing after an amazing dinner

Yes, the way days are flying soon it will be Christmas Day!

Last evening my sister and I went out to a newly opened Hotel as we had a meeting there with an executive of the Hotel. While we waited for our meeting attendee to join us, we sipped on some warm cappuccino and hot chocolate and listened to the soft instrumental songs that played in the background. The little beads of the chandeliers gleamed beautifully making the place look rich and well illuminated.

The highlight of the place was this tall Christmas tree. It’s the first one I’ve seen this Christmas season and it was adorned like a bride. The guests including us couldn’t resist taking pics of this beautiful tree. Also the high ceilings and grand stair case made the place look nothing less than a palace.


Oh Christmas Tree, how true you stand unchanging

After our meeting was done, my sister and I were invited to stay for dinner too, an invitation we gladly accepted. The dinner spread was of a wide variety and consisted of Indian, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines. Frankly more than anything else I scanned through the dessert counter which I looooved. I’m sure by now you know I have a sweet tooth (no regret).

I’m so excited Christmas is approaching soon. It only means more Christmas trees and decorations, more hustle and bustle around us friends & families, more food and sweets, and a lot more pictures and memories , speaking of which you must follow me on Twitter and Instagram as I keep posting pics there.

A few pics from last evening:


Warm Cappuccino



Want a slice?



A part of my dinner

Also a pic of my sister with the tree in the background. Beautiful right?


Lady in Red, my sister.

Christmas Greetings to all of you! Happy Holidays to people far and near. Spread the Christmas cheer around.

Lots of Love,

The Silent Hummer
Franchua D’Souza

She’s into superstitions, black cats and voodoo dolls


Any guesses why this Ricky Martin song title? The answer lies here:

Look at those cats!

It’s these cats!

Aren’t the cats adorable? Isn’t this top the cutest you’ve seen in a while? Note this is not a sponsored post so I’m not buttering anyone/brand and I genuinely feel this is good stuff.

Stylish Cats

Stylish Cats

I’m quite an online shopper for those who don’t already know. I tend to browse online shopping sites in my spare time. I even receive a lot of msgs regarding sales or special discounts as I’m registered with most of them. Recently while checking out Shopnineteen, I spotted this top. It’s quite attractive by itself and easily stood out from the lot they had. There are times when looking at something you know you just need to have it. This was one such time. I instantly fell for this catty top.

Catty Top

Catty Top

What’s not to like in it? It’s got cute cats (PS: I’m not a cat lover generally), it’s alive with umpteen colors, it’s got this satin like rich look and feel, and there’s a cute little girly bow at the neckline.

Usually at work we have a strict formal dress code so wearing jeans and a top like this would be inappropriate. Yesterday however we were given the choice to dress as per our wish as we celebrated our office Diwali party. I chose this top obviously, wore it on navy blue jeans, straddled on my bag and did a little cat walk at the office.

Posing with the stylish cats on

Posing with the stylish cats on



Have you ever seen a catty girl doing a a laughing buddha pose? Here, look:

Doing the Buddha pose

Doing the Buddha pose

Some of my colleagues, especially the girls loveeeeeed the top, one even informed me that some time in the near future she will borrow it as she’s very fond of cats. 🙂

OOTD Details:

Cat Print Top- Shopnineteen
Navy Blue Jeans- Jabong
Orange Ballerinas- Zovi
Bag- Esbeda
Bangle and Ring- Mom’s collection

I’m not sure if the pictures do justice to just how cute the top actually is. Let me know what you think.

Do you have anything this cute in your closet? Show me! I’m all for cute.

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The Silent Hummer
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Yo, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want


We all know this peppy Spice girls song from the nineties, don’t we? Well, yesterday I went for lunch to this place called SpiceKlub at Lower Parel with college friends. Hence this special Spice Girls title for this post.

I’m glad a few of us college pals have managed to stay in touch despite us having moved onto different walks of life. Lately we’ve even been successful in planning a meet at least once a month, which is super great.

Franchua at Spice Klub

Franchua at Spice Klub

SpiceKlub, a Veg-only restaurant in Lower Parel boasts of modern Indian cuisine. While planning our monthly meets, we girls usually opt for restaurants that serve both veg and non veg food. It is safe to say that I love meat in my meals. So when SpiceKlub was decided, the restaurant per se didn’t get me all excited, even though I had heard great reviews of the place. We made a reservation 3 days prior as we were informed it’s really difficult getting a table. However, On reaching there at 12 noon (our reservation was at that time), there were many tables available. So I’m not sure if this reservation thing is just a strategy or it’s really that difficult!

Table set up

Table set up

Spice Klub pics

Spice Klub pics

As I reached before my friends, I had enough time to check the restaurant, the menu, the washroom, the ambience and few other things. I noticed couples walking in, families with children and college going crowd. The instrumental classical music played in the background seemed to be in sync with the overall arrangement at the restaurant. Waiting for others to join me even gave me the chance to look at the steeply priced items in the menu. To be honest, I rolled my eyes when I read the price of ‘Dahi chaat’. I mean close to 400 bucks, like really!!

Okay now the actual food bit. We called for some ‘Pav bhaji fondue’, something that I’m not very fond of usually. But my my.. was I surprised! This pav bhaji fondue was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! The whole presentation with the bhaji in a pot and a tea-light candle keeping the fondue hot was interesting. Even the bread was crisp and cut into small cubes to be dipped in the pot. Keeping presentation aside, just the taste of this Pav bhaji fondue was simply scrumptious

Pav Bhaji Fondue

Pav Bhaji Fondue

We then called for ‘Kesari Paneer Tikka’ and again, oh my! The paneer was beautifully barbecued, it was soft, tender and melted in the mouth. I’m not over exaggerating. Even adding those little cutely kept sauce dips on the table added to the dish’s flavours.

Kesari Paneer Tikka

Kesari Paneer Tikka

With these 2 appetizers , the 3 of us were so stuffed that we decided instead of ordering main course, we’d get just another appetizer and then keep space for dessert (which by the way was excellent!) Appetizer number 3 was Naanza. This dish looks like mini pizza slices topped with lots of cheese and spices. Each mini slice was extremely heavy and rich. It was a challenge for the 3 of us to finish 8 pieces! Had I not known that these were made with naan (Over baked flat bread), I’d easily believe these were pizza slices. In case I did not mention, this dish too was a hit.



I’m not biased in this review at all, it’s not even a sponsored post! Trust me, I did not miss meat at all in this meal. Every dish is worth the amount and can definitely fill at least 2 people’s tummies.

My favorite part of any meal- dessert was the best. Experience wise, Presentation and Plating wise as well as taste wise. I love chocolate is a well known fact to many. Among all those interesting options we ordered for ‘Soap Cake’.

Soap Cake!

Soap Cake!

Soap cake is actually cake in the form of a soap bar. It is placed on a dish that resembles a soap dish and even has dairy foam on it to make it look like soapy lather!! Super innovating I tell you. They serve it with a towel so that you can use it to wipe your hand after messing your hands (although it’s not all that messy). It tasted great, but full marks for the presentation.

As waiters took food to the other tables we saw some greatdishes there too. Dishes like Test-tube pani puri, de constructed dhokla and paan kulfi with liquid nitrogen looked extremely enticing.

Ambience and service was upto the mark, we didn’t have any reason to complain.

This meal made the pocket light by Rs 2000/- for 3, but the experience and food was totally worth it.

Oh I’ll even share with you my little embarrassment here at Spice Klub:
Due to being the first one to arrive, I didn’t want to look like I’ve been stood up on a date, so I decided to wait at the entrance for a while instead of sitting alone at a table. Just then 2 women walked in and mistook me for a hostess and were like “Hi, a table for 2”. Has that ever happened to you? I kindly told them they’ve got the wrong person and moved aside. I swear I wasn’t dressed like a hostess 🙂

Franchua- At Spice Klub

Franchua- At Spice Klub

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5, 6, 7, 8!


The Silent Hummer Turns one today!

Exactly this day last year I started The Silent Hummer, and I am super thrilled for myself that I actually stuck to blogging. Evidently, it wasn’t just some random phase. I can’t wait for this blog to turn 5,6,7,8! Thank you for all the likes, comments, follows and appreciation. You may also congratulate me in the comment box and show some love.. Haha!

What else I’m excited about in life? Getting to be Bridesmaid once again!! Being a Bridesmaid is so much fun with the dress, shoes, the make up, hair do, the attention you receive etc. There are responsibilities too, but who’s complaining about them?

The first duty assigned to me as a bridesmaid was to shortlist dress patterns from the internet. I thought I’d do a great job considering there are like a million pictures available online. However directly googling pictures and patterns wasn’t worthwhile leading me to nothing but those trite patterns. I knew Pinterest would not disappoint. Let’s say, I wasn’t very pleased with my search, but none the less I managed to shortlist a few patterns. Duty one : ✔

Next I got a text stating we need to go for dress measurements. Not that we’ve selected the pattern but just y’know- measurements. Immediately panic struck! I’ve put on 6 kgs in the last 3-4 months and I don’t want to be a fat bridesmaid. Luckily there are still 4 months to go so I’ve requested for a months’s time to lose a little weight here and there. Kellogs Cornflake diet started. Duty two: ✔

Yesterday was the coolest part so far. Shoes shopping. Yay! The bride already shortlisted a few pairs and we just needed to go with the comfiest. So after I finished work last evening we planned to meet at one of the shoe shops at Bandra and after some major debating on color, pattern, size, what looked lose but felt comfortable against what looked perfect but was uncomfortable, whether to use the half insole or whole, we bought our pairs of shoes. Duty three: ✔

Remembering Cinderella

This reminded me of Cinderella.

Reaching Bandra before the others gave me enough of time to glance, and try on a variety of shoes at the different shops.It’s difficult to not give into temptation and buy some pairs for office wear/ casual wear or whatever occasion. I thought my will power was awesome yesterday. But now on second thoughts I should’ve gotten those flats that were on sale. Anyway..

The post got it's title from here D

Shoe collection 2

Looking at the collection of shoes in all these shops, makes you want to have them all, isn’t it?

Here’s a little thing I’d like to share. While trying on different pairs of shoes, there was this one particular pair I saw and wished was the one we settled for, given the fact that there are going to be long standing hours, some last minute running about, and lots of dancing to be done. Good news? The bride agreed that those were the ones we’d be wearing on her D- Day! I cannot share the image of that pair now obviously, but when the time is right you will get to see them.


Bride and her maid

Vellena, the bride to be! Wishing her love and luck!

Lots of love,

The Silent Hummer
Franchua D’Souza

Ah.. I work out!


No not really. Actually not at all. I just chose the title from the lyrics of “I’m sexy and I know it”.

Okay, let’s just say I’m a liiiiiiiiiitle motivated to do a little routine here and there, all thanks to this cute fitness hamper from Fitternity. I actually won it through this contest by Damselindestress. The hamper consisted of A t-shirt that reads “Know Pain Know Gain”, a blue sipper for the gym, a pack of blended roasted almonds and sesame seeds and a pack of Tetley’s Green tea. Also, the hamper clearly promotes fitness without making it seem tedious, hence I approve of it.

Here are some pictures (Apologies for the bad lighting and quality):

Fitternity hamper

Nourish Organics


Tetley green tea
You may go check the damselindestress’s blog, as it’s a great way to find out cool stuff about Mumbai, food, books, fitness and salon updates from what I’ve seen last.
A big thank you to Damselindestress And Fitternity for choosing me as their winner. I’ve already started using the sipper and roasted almond pack which is great.

Note: This is not a sponsored post.

Lots of love,

Franchua D’Souza