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Hellooo everyone!

I may be a little late, but wishing each and every one of you a very Happy New Year! Let’s make the most of 2017!

Firstly I’m super excited writing this post as I have recently returned from my Thai holiday. I’ve had the opportunity to see some wonderful places there, and I’ve soaked in everything I could. Can’t wait to share all the details about my trip.

In Thailand I covered Rayong , Pattaya and Bangkok. Each of them were visibly different from each other and most of the time I had some lovely experiences. Two things that I can happily cross off my bucket list now are Zip lining and sea walking. Both completely differ from each other, One had this whole adrenaline rush taking over while I was zipping through and the other that needed me to be calm under sea  while I walked in it and fed fishes. In  Bangkok, I felt all those happening city vibes and it reminded me of things back home (minus the pat- pong shows). Something I’ve gone a step further in, is eating Thai food. I did not experiment too much with street food but managed to try and enjoy the food at a few restaurants here and there (unlike Singa..).



Of course I enjoyed my holiday and everything but the one thing I missed besides my loved ones was the food! The first evening after arriving in Bangkok, while walking down the Phloen Chit road, I decided to stop for dinner at this Indian restaurant Bawarchi Indian that served authentic North Indian food. Located at the Intercontinental , I knew there were fewer chances of disappointment. Plus, I really craved Indian food by then.



It’s funny how when I introduced myself to the VP Mr. Vinay Chawla , he mistook me for an Indian girl who was to come in for an interview that evening. It did seem a bit off with the kind interview questions he put forward, until he realized his boo-boo. 🙂
*good luck to all those that interview here- I hope Mr Chawla doesn’t intimidate you*
Trust me, he was way too kind after that.

Now talking about the restaurant.

Firstly I felt at home, looking at the Indian staff around to greet us and offer the best service they could. The walls, painting, decor, ceiling, the swing, the music set up, the instrumental hindi music that played – everything made me forget that I was actually in Bangkok!  The staff (mostly Indian too) were quick on their feet right from our cocktails to dessert.



The papadum cones itself along with their dips already set the quotient high. For starters, out of the Tandoor Jhinga (tandoor prawns), Stuffed wild mushrooms, Ajwani mahi tikka (red snapper- again the tandoor way), and murgh tikka (chicken tikka), my favorite was the huge Tandoor Prawn and the mushroom. The spices they used for the tandoor were mouth watering. Loved how it was very Indian, yet had an interesting twist.



As a mushroom fan, I went on to try the Cream of Mushroom soup. As rightly described in the menu ,it is pretty much a classic creamy soup tampered with some Indian flavour. Don’t be surprised when you find some tadka to your soup.

When you’re in a restaurant that tells you straight that they’re full-on into North Indian kind of food, you must try the Biryani. Exactly the next dish I’m discussing.


Served in cute little kadais, the portion is just right for 2.  The aroma itself screamed yum! The long grains, the fried onions, the spices in the biryani masala, the earthiness from that chicken in there were bang on! I’m glad this wasn’t a fusion kind of dish.
There cannot be a bigger compliment to a restaurant than for a person who is on holiday, staying at a hotel , is ready to take the food home and eat it the next day for lunch/ dinner, cold if need be, but will have it anyhow. Yes, I took the parcel, err 2 of them- chicken and the Lamb biryani (they get the lamb especially from Mongolia I understand). Did I say it’s yum??

It’s strange and funny how even though I claim I’m stuffed after eating a-lottt of food, I have plenty of space for dessert. It’s like I have a separate compartment within my tummy for it. Indian sweets are mostly extremely high on sugar and rasmalai is no less.But who’s complaining? I had it all. 😀 nuff said.


I dined here on a Monday evening, the only day there’s no live Indian music. I strongly suggest if you plan on visiting this place, make sure you get to listen to some Indian music too.

Hope you enjoyed reading my take on #bawarchiindian
If any of you have visited or plan on visiting this restaurant or any place in Thailand, give me a shout in the comments below! I love reading what you’ve to say.

Until my next post..

Lots of love,
The Silent Hummer
Franchua D’Souza

I’m gonna see my ma chère amie-o


This “Jambalaya” Song is so apt for a date night right? It has love and food in it 🙂

Recently, no I’m not talking Valentines’ Day, but just another ordinary day I stepped out for a dinner date. It’s something I do not do on a regular basis. We decided to give ‘Byblos Kitchen’ a try after reading some good reviews on popular food and restaurant recommendation engines. If you’re following me on Instagram (Follow now, if you’re not already), you would’ve seen my little review of the place there, along with a few pics. It’s located just next to the parking lot of Phoenix Mills- Lower Parel, which doesn’t make the location very striking. The food and service however was definitely note worthy. Not to take their credit away, but it could’ve also been since we were the only diners at 9 pm! I almost got tricked into believing a Private restaurant was booked especially for me.. and we’re talking about a 130 seats Restaurant!! 🙂

Looking with love

Private Restaurant .JPG

Dinner was wonderful just like I had expected. We’ve captured pics so that I could share them here and look them up whenever I wanted to. The steward was kind to even click a few pics of us. Although this wasn’t Valentine’s Day dinner, it felt like one. Co-incidentally I even wore Red! We should do this more often.

Checking the menu .JPGFood and mePizzaMojito

OOTD Details:-

Red dress: Sister’s closet
Beige Bag: Esbeda
Chain: Forever21
Makeup by: Estee Lauder

Date night- Red

Let me know how you like the post and pics. Would love to know what you think of them. Hope you all had a love filled Valentine’s Day. Comment and Share the love.

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Lots of Love,

The Silent Hummer
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Soon it will be Christmas Day


Posing after an amazing dinner

Yes, the way days are flying soon it will be Christmas Day!

Last evening my sister and I went out to a newly opened Hotel as we had a meeting there with an executive of the Hotel. While we waited for our meeting attendee to join us, we sipped on some warm cappuccino and hot chocolate and listened to the soft instrumental songs that played in the background. The little beads of the chandeliers gleamed beautifully making the place look rich and well illuminated.

The highlight of the place was this tall Christmas tree. It’s the first one I’ve seen this Christmas season and it was adorned like a bride. The guests including us couldn’t resist taking pics of this beautiful tree. Also the high ceilings and grand stair case made the place look nothing less than a palace.


Oh Christmas Tree, how true you stand unchanging

After our meeting was done, my sister and I were invited to stay for dinner too, an invitation we gladly accepted. The dinner spread was of a wide variety and consisted of Indian, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines. Frankly more than anything else I scanned through the dessert counter which I looooved. I’m sure by now you know I have a sweet tooth (no regret).

I’m so excited Christmas is approaching soon. It only means more Christmas trees and decorations, more hustle and bustle around us friends & families, more food and sweets, and a lot more pictures and memories , speaking of which you must follow me on Twitter and Instagram as I keep posting pics there.

A few pics from last evening:


Warm Cappuccino



Want a slice?



A part of my dinner

Also a pic of my sister with the tree in the background. Beautiful right?


Lady in Red, my sister.

Christmas Greetings to all of you! Happy Holidays to people far and near. Spread the Christmas cheer around.

Lots of Love,

The Silent Hummer
Franchua D’Souza

Yo, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want


We all know this peppy Spice girls song from the nineties, don’t we? Well, yesterday I went for lunch to this place called SpiceKlub at Lower Parel with college friends. Hence this special Spice Girls title for this post.

I’m glad a few of us college pals have managed to stay in touch despite us having moved onto different walks of life. Lately we’ve even been successful in planning a meet at least once a month, which is super great.

Franchua at Spice Klub

Franchua at Spice Klub

SpiceKlub, a Veg-only restaurant in Lower Parel boasts of modern Indian cuisine. While planning our monthly meets, we girls usually opt for restaurants that serve both veg and non veg food. It is safe to say that I love meat in my meals. So when SpiceKlub was decided, the restaurant per se didn’t get me all excited, even though I had heard great reviews of the place. We made a reservation 3 days prior as we were informed it’s really difficult getting a table. However, On reaching there at 12 noon (our reservation was at that time), there were many tables available. So I’m not sure if this reservation thing is just a strategy or it’s really that difficult!

Table set up

Table set up

Spice Klub pics

Spice Klub pics

As I reached before my friends, I had enough time to check the restaurant, the menu, the washroom, the ambience and few other things. I noticed couples walking in, families with children and college going crowd. The instrumental classical music played in the background seemed to be in sync with the overall arrangement at the restaurant. Waiting for others to join me even gave me the chance to look at the steeply priced items in the menu. To be honest, I rolled my eyes when I read the price of ‘Dahi chaat’. I mean close to 400 bucks, like really!!

Okay now the actual food bit. We called for some ‘Pav bhaji fondue’, something that I’m not very fond of usually. But my my.. was I surprised! This pav bhaji fondue was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! The whole presentation with the bhaji in a pot and a tea-light candle keeping the fondue hot was interesting. Even the bread was crisp and cut into small cubes to be dipped in the pot. Keeping presentation aside, just the taste of this Pav bhaji fondue was simply scrumptious

Pav Bhaji Fondue

Pav Bhaji Fondue

We then called for ‘Kesari Paneer Tikka’ and again, oh my! The paneer was beautifully barbecued, it was soft, tender and melted in the mouth. I’m not over exaggerating. Even adding those little cutely kept sauce dips on the table added to the dish’s flavours.

Kesari Paneer Tikka

Kesari Paneer Tikka

With these 2 appetizers , the 3 of us were so stuffed that we decided instead of ordering main course, we’d get just another appetizer and then keep space for dessert (which by the way was excellent!) Appetizer number 3 was Naanza. This dish looks like mini pizza slices topped with lots of cheese and spices. Each mini slice was extremely heavy and rich. It was a challenge for the 3 of us to finish 8 pieces! Had I not known that these were made with naan (Over baked flat bread), I’d easily believe these were pizza slices. In case I did not mention, this dish too was a hit.



I’m not biased in this review at all, it’s not even a sponsored post! Trust me, I did not miss meat at all in this meal. Every dish is worth the amount and can definitely fill at least 2 people’s tummies.

My favorite part of any meal- dessert was the best. Experience wise, Presentation and Plating wise as well as taste wise. I love chocolate is a well known fact to many. Among all those interesting options we ordered for ‘Soap Cake’.

Soap Cake!

Soap Cake!

Soap cake is actually cake in the form of a soap bar. It is placed on a dish that resembles a soap dish and even has dairy foam on it to make it look like soapy lather!! Super innovating I tell you. They serve it with a towel so that you can use it to wipe your hand after messing your hands (although it’s not all that messy). It tasted great, but full marks for the presentation.

As waiters took food to the other tables we saw some greatdishes there too. Dishes like Test-tube pani puri, de constructed dhokla and paan kulfi with liquid nitrogen looked extremely enticing.

Ambience and service was upto the mark, we didn’t have any reason to complain.

This meal made the pocket light by Rs 2000/- for 3, but the experience and food was totally worth it.

Oh I’ll even share with you my little embarrassment here at Spice Klub:
Due to being the first one to arrive, I didn’t want to look like I’ve been stood up on a date, so I decided to wait at the entrance for a while instead of sitting alone at a table. Just then 2 women walked in and mistook me for a hostess and were like “Hi, a table for 2”. Has that ever happened to you? I kindly told them they’ve got the wrong person and moved aside. I swear I wasn’t dressed like a hostess 🙂

Franchua- At Spice Klub

Franchua- At Spice Klub

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The Silent Hummer
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