Yea, I wanna dance with somebody



100 Followers!! Just recently my blog completed a year and now 100 followers! Wohoo!! That’s more than enough to make me a very very delighted person today.
When I started blogging I didn’t even imagine this, but now everywhere I go, everything I eat, I try hard fighting the thought in my head of documenting each and everything.

This post will be a relatively short one, with pics showing you some love and my OOTD. 🙂

Sincere thanks to everyone who is a follower (and a potential follower). I hope my posts make it worth your read, while you promise to never click that Unfollow icon. Haha!
Last evening I somehow expected to be reaching this milestone soon, so when I woke up somewhere around midnight I checked my phone and received my 100th Follower confirmation! Obviously I was over the moon and got some good sleep after that. If you’re reading this and haven’t followed me yet, click that follow icon NOW!! Not only here, but even join me on Twitter and Instagram for times I’m unable to post a whole article.

I’m not really a matching-matching kind of person but as you may see in the pictures, I got my attire to match my umbrella nail paint just for today! Another achievement for me. I had planned on treating myself to something sweet keeping in mind my sweet tooth, but it turned out to be a colleague’s birthday at work and I had enough of cake! This evening I’m attending a close friend’s farewell party so my treat to myself is still pending.




OOTD Details:

Plain Black Formal Dress: Bandra store. (Similar available here , here and here )
Red Broad Belt: Goa local street (Similar here )
Brick Red Lipstick: Coloressence (Similar here,and here )
Black Formal Shoes: Urban Heel (Similar here , here and here )
Red and Black Necklace: Mom’s Necklace

Once again a Bigggggg Thank you for reading and following me on WordPress. Please do the same on Twitter and Instagram too! Much Love.

Yours Truly,

The Silent Hummer
Franchua D’Souza

Just like the waving flag


In a couple of days India celebrates 69 years of Independence. Of course it’s quite debatable if we Indians are actually independent or not. As much as the country wants to move ahead and catch up with the rest of the world, we have a few crabs that tend to pull the good lot down.

I won’t say much about how unsafe I feel travelling even at 8:00pm in a local train, I won’t say anything about how I fear taking panga with roadside romeos because it’s me who has to walk the same path almost every day, I won’t talk about the number of times I’ve requested ladies in my train compartment to not throw their fruit peels/ chip packets etc directly out of the train, neither will I talk about the number of times I’ve seen cops pass through railway tracks and not use the foot over bridge, or see traffic cops go triple seat on a bike thereby breaking rules, or how some selected festivals are allowed to be celebrated on the streets post 10pm with the loudest drums, trumpets, DJ systems playing so called religious songs.

There are times I crave peace. Like now. It’s 11:45pm as I’m typing this and I can hear taxis honking like there’s no tomorrow, the dosa man is banging the ladle on the tawa for whatever reason, there are the Mumbai galli boys yelling and calling out to their friends who are just 3 steps away. I can go on…

May be it’s just me and a few others who are affected by these things. Maybe this is the forever alive Mumbai spirit I always hear about. Probably a lot of people may even agree with all that I’ve said but not bother to express their thoughts. At the end of the day what matters is my country is independent for almost 69 years. It definitely means something. You must join the celebrations and watch the speeches given on the day to believe how much the country has progressed. If you’re lucky you may even get to enjoy some drama on the news channels with local politicians fighting over who will hoist the flag, at least it happened around 2 years back.

Wishing all my fellow country men and women a Very Happy Independence Day! May this country prosper in it’s true sense and may you always fly high, just like the waving flag.



Lots of love,

Franchua D’Souza